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MetaCure’s primary financial backing and mentorship is provided by the Hobart Group, an international medical technology investment house focused on disruptive medical solutions.

Shifting the Paradigm in the Diabetes Market

Unlike other treatments, DIAMOND targets the source of the problem in diabetes – desynchrony between food intake and metabolic response. Since the DIAMOND therapy merely aims to synchronize food intake with the body’s natural metabolic rhythm it typically doesn’t produce the severe side effects or complications that are experienced with conventional therapies. However, the DIAMOND therapy is as effective as the gold-standard insulin treatment (read more).

Today, treated patients who fail oral therapy switch to injectable medicine, which requires measuring blood glucose and injecting medicine (usually insulin) several times a day.  The resulting $50 billion market consist of insulin (representing approximately $27B), insulin delivery devices such as syringes or insulin pumps and blood glucose monitoring devices such as lancets and test strips.  However, this is not the only cost in managing these patients under insulin treatment.  Patients see a progressive rise in body weight, body fat and blood pressure.  Additionally, patients have a heightened risk of hospitalization for hypoglycemic reactions and studies found that up to 94% of insulin users show symptoms of anxiety and distress from the injections.  The complications, side effects and the inevitable impact on the patient’s life lead to a low compliance rate and increased disease management costs.  The International Diabetes Federation reports that diabetes-related healthcare expenditures per diabetic person in the United States exceed $10,000 per year.

The DIAMOND offers patients a one-time treatment that is as effective as insulin without the associated side effects and complications.  Avoiding the need for daily injections is a further benefit that is appreciated by patients.  The therapy is essentially independent from patient compliance and also causes weight loss. Management of the disease with DIAMOND also requires less attention from healthcare professionals.  For this reason the DIAMOND therapy can substantially lower the costs in management of type 2 diabetes.

With the recent growing acceptance of interventional solutions for type 2 diabetes, the unique offering of DIAMOND therapy is expected to gain significant traction in the market and accordingly shift the clinical paradigm in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The DIAMOND (Tantalus) System is CE marked and available for commercial use. The DIAMOND II System is not CE marked currently.

A Clear Vision and a Proven Product in a Growing Market

MetaCure’s fundamental belief is that to win the $800 billion war against the diabetes epidemic we will need single intervention solutions capable of treating the chronic disease.  A cost-effective, readily accessible solution that frees patients from complications and side effects will be necessary for a successful and direct shift of the treatment paradigm.  The DIAMOND was developed with these goals in mind.

Embodying over a decade of pioneering research on electroceutical applications in the endocrinology and metabolism fields, MetaCure’s technology addresses the growing market needs. The novel DIAMOND therapy is a safe and effective single intervention option for type 2 diabetes patients who are also obese. Although it is as effective as insulin, it is not associated with most of the side effects and complications which come with injectable medication. Through investments in clinical research and product development, MetaCure also hopes to offer treatments to the even broader population of pre-diabetic patients which is expected to exceed 470 million people by 2030. In doing so, MetaCure will help combat the disease at an earlier stage, improving more patients lives and further lowering healthcare costs.

A second indication was already granted to DIAMOND therapy – a treatment for obesity.  With clinical data demonstrating significant weight loss that is sustained over several years, MetaCure has access to another growing market.

Continuous investment in research and new advanced technologies have allowed MetaCure to develop a pipeline of promising products to support its goals and realize the company’s vision – winning the war against the global diabetes epidemic with a single intervention solution.

The DIAMOND (Tantalus) System is CE marked and available for commercial use. The DIAMOND II System is not CE marked currently.

About the Hobart Group

The Hobart Group accelerates, develops and commercializes medical technologies

As a member of the Hobart Group of companies, MetaCure receives strategic support in clinical activities, market knowledge and access to financial markets.

Hobart Group accelerates ideas, and develops and commercializes medical technologies, targeting top healthcare markets with significant unmet needs. Its growing portfolio of companies covers the fields of cardiology, diabetes, oncology, neurology and rehabilitation. Together, Hobart Group companies employ over 200 scientists, engineers, regulatory and business experts across four continents, benefitting from the group’s financial strength, clinical expertise and extensive international market knowledge across Europe, the US and Asia.

Hobart Group’s founder, Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, is a renowned medical device entrepreneur. He has held faculty appointments as a Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics at both Harvard University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He has a significant track record in co-founding companies and maximizing their value, generating over $1 billion to date through mergers with leading multinationals. Notable exits include the sales of Biosense to Johnson & Johnson and X-Technologies to Guidant. Professor Ben-Haim’s group is a leading investor and a majority shareholder in each of the portfolio companies under Hobart Group.

For more information visit www.hobart-group.com.

Strength in IP – Protecting our market

“Our strong IP portfolio keeps our solution unique in the market.”

Rony Krysler Atlas, Director of Intellectual Property for MetaCure, at Hobart Group


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Our patents cover over 1,500 claims concerning aspects of our product and technology, including: implantable electrical stimulator to apply gastric stimulation, apparatus for regulating glucose level, pancreatic controller comprising a glucose sensor and an apparatus for treating obesity.