Our purpose

“Our goal is to give physicians a better way to manage diabetes with a single intervention.”

Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, Chairman and Founder

Mission Statement

There is a pressing need for better type 2 diabetes treatments capable of addressing the global diabetes pandemic.  We are devoted to improving the health and quality of life of hundreds of millions of type 2 diabetes patients by shifting the disease treatment to a clinically and economically effective, one-time, safe and minimally invasive procedure.  By understanding the key needs of physicians, diabetic patients and payers around the world we have developed an effective and sustainable solution which will provide lasting improvements to patients health on a global scale.  Additionally, we are committed to providing to our employees a motivating, creative and efficient working environment to continuously challenge and develop themselves within our company.

Our Values

These core values help us pave the way towards our goals:

  • Privilege – It is a privilege to be working on solutions which can impact millions of lives.
  • Service – We aim to meet customers’ expectations in every point of contact.
  • Integrity – We are honest and fair in all our dealings internally and externally.
  • Quality – We are dedicated to the highest standards in everything we do, respecting our responsibility to the patients and their treating physicians.
  • Innovation – We constantly innovate to solve the challenges we encounter.
  • Devotion – We are devoted to our causes and will pursue them tirelessly.

The iChallenge Diabetes Program

The number of people living with diabetes is growing exponentially and already exceeds half a billion.  The iChallenge Diabetes program was created to educate and assist in the goal of lowering the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Through prevention education in developing countries we can make a positive impact on patient health.  Our prevention program sponsors physicians, educators and our employees who are devoted to our cause and are willing to travel to take part in direct community education activities. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at Global_CSR@MetaCure.com